Damon braces - a modern alternative to treatment

At Invisibrace, we like to provide our patients with the latest orthodontic technology. That's why we offer Damon braces. These self-ligating braces are a more modern alternative to traditional metal braces.

What are Damon braces?

Braces work using a method of brackets attached to the front surface of your teeth. These brackets have an archwire threaded through them. Gentle pressure applied to this archwire using elastic bands move your teeth into position.

Damon braces are known as self-ligating braces. This means that although they still have brackets and archwires, there are no elastic bands (ligatures). Instead, the brackets have small metal clips to keep the archwire in place. These clips allow your teeth to move with ‘friction-free technology’. This makes Damon braces not only more comfortable to wear, but also very discreet.

  • Damon braces
  • Damon braces
  • Damon braces

5 benefits of Damon braces

  1. Comfortable treatment experience: The Damon System we use here at Invisibrace allows teeth to move more quickly and with a lighter force than with traditional metal braces, making them more comfortable to wear.
  2. Reduces treatment time: Damon braces can reduce treatment time because the wires don't need to be tightened at each appointment.
  3. No need for extraction: The Damon System makes space naturally for any crowded teeth by gently expanding the dental arches. This can prevent the need for extraction which occurs with more traditional methods.
  4. Discreet treatment option: Damon braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean. And you won’t suffer the speech impediments often associated with conventional braces while wearing them.
  5. Great results: Easily fitted in just one visit to our London practice, our Damon braces, including Damon clear braces, deliver rapid results, so are a convenient and highly effective orthodontic treatment.

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