Orthodontic treatment for your lifestyle


At Invisibrace, we guarantee that orthodontic treatment will fit into your lifestyle.  How do we know? Because we use the latest orthodontic technology that means you don’t have to come in to the clinic for appointments. Instead, we can treat you via your smartphone on a revolutionary app known as dental monitoring.

What is dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring is an app on your smartphone that enables us to track the progress of your treatment. Instead of coming in to see us every six to eight weeks for a check-up, dental monitoring enables you to take weekly selfies of your teeth and send them through to us instead. The app you upload the selfies to on your phone is connected to software in our office.

Tracking your treatment

At Invisibrace, we’re excited to be using dental monitoring and offering it as part of your Invisalign treatment plan. Dental monitoring has so many benefits, not least that it makes it easier to fit orthodontic treatment into your busy schedule. Few check-up appointments mean you can work, travel, holiday, or even move to a new house all while wearing your appliance.

5 benefits of dental monitoring

  1. Fewer clinic appointments
  2. More communication with our team
  3. Precise tracking of your treatment
  4. Easy to use app
  5. Greater flexibility when it comes to having treatment

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