The results are in the detail

At Invisibrace, getting our patients the very best results starts the moment you walk through the door. We have established a clinic environment where you can relax and know you’ll be treated by professionals and the latest orthodontic technology. 

Taking precise scans

Our clinic is equipped with an iTero IntraOral digital scanner. This scanner enables us to take accurate records of your teeth and jaws so we can determine the orthodontic treatment you will most benefit from. It also makes having an orthodontic scan a more enjoyable experience.

IntraOral digital scanner

IntraOral digital scanner

The IntraOral digital scanner is known for its accuracy in recording details about your teeth and jaws. Incredibly small and compact, this digital device makes having an orthodontic scan an enjoyable, not to mention exciting, experience. Watching unique scans of your teeth appearing on screen certainly helps to bring your orthodontic journey to life.


Benefits of digital scanners

The greatest advantage of a digital scan is the incredibly accurate records it allows our specialist orthodontist to take. Other benefits of this orthodontic technology include:

  • Faster appointment times as the scans provide immediate records.
  • Quicker treatment because your appliance is made exactly to your needs.
  • More enjoyable experience – gone are the days of impressions being taken with sticky, dental-cement like material being placed over your teeth to create molds.

X-rays for airways

X-rays for airways

At Invisibrace, we have the iCAT FLX x-ray in-house, enabling us to provide patients with an extra level of service and care when it comes to diagnosing and treating orthodontic issues. The iCAT FLX x-ray machine gives us the technology we need to determine any airway obstruction that may be contributing to jaw misalignment, TMJS or potential sleep apnoea (OSA).

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